Going through separation and divorce can be complicated and emotionally difficult.

We believe everyone has a right to counsel to help guide them through divorce and create the best possible new situation for you and your family.

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If you are going through a conflict with a spouse that could lead to separation and divorce, or if you are already separated, it’s better to engage a lawyer earlier.

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Divorce and Alimony

Whether you’re just starting to think about separation or well on the way to a divorce, there are several considerations for you and your children. These include:

  • Will one of you have sole custody, or will the two of you have joint custody?
  • What kind of financial support will you be required to provide, or will your spouse be required to provide? This could include alimony and/or child support payments.
  • How will any financial assets, including bank accounts, homes and vehicles, be divided?
  • If the children only live with one of you, how will visits to the other parent be handled? What about weekends, holidays and summer vacations?

Provisions in North Carolina law allow child support and custody arrangements to be reconsidered when the best interests of the children and parental rights are at stake.

We can help with

Separation Agreements & Support

A family law attorney can help you handle these issues.

An attorney will advocate for you in court, guide you through the legal system, and educate you about your options. In addition, because of the highly emotional nature of divorce and family law matters, a lawyer is often more objective when it comes to negotiating differences and finding practical solutions.

Even after a divorce is finalized, there still can be disputes between former spouses. Issues involving childcare practices, educational decisions, financial obligations and more are, unfortunately, often a source of conflict. If these issues can’t be resolved through discussion, a family law attorney can help.