Wills, trusts, and other elements of estate planning are important for anyone who wants to ensure that when they die, their financial assets are used in the way they intend.

When people die without such legal documents (a status called “intestate”), then state law and court-appointed officials decide how their assets are distributed. Many people in North Carolina die without formal written wills.

As a nonprofit law firm, Triad Legal Group believes that all people, no matter what level of wealth or income they have, should have an estate plan along with the appropriate legal documents to carry it out.

Besides wills, many people use trusts to ensure that their assets are handled the way they want. Trusts, unlike wills, allow heirs to skip probate court, making the process easier on the heirs.

What’s the best solution for you and your family? That depends on your unique circumstances. And that’s why Triad Legal Group offers estate planning attorneys to help you in your circumstance.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process where you and an attorney discuss your concerns and goals related to what happens when you die. The estate planning attorneys can then draft the proper documents so that your assets are used the way you want them to be.

That might mean supporting a spouse, children, grandchildren, or others. It might mean ensuring that specific property you own goes to specific individuals. It might mean ensuring that your church, a school, or another nonprofit organization receives a share of your estate.

A Triad Legal Group attorney will learn about your situation, talk with you about your goals, and guide you through the process. The result is peace of mind for you and your heirs.

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